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Solid Cologne + Chocolate + Lemongrass Soap Package

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A great pick me up for that special person in your life.


1 x Solid State Cologne

Solid State doesn't rely on water or alcohol as cheap fillers, which means they're better for the environment and longer lasting. Cruelty free and SLS free. 

So easy to slide your cologne in your pocket or bag.

A - Aviator - Grapefruit & Mint & Sandalwood 10g

F - Freshman - Bergamot & Persimmon & Bitter Citrus 10g

J - Journeyman - Cedar & Vetiver & Mandarin 10g

1 x Cuvee Chocolate

Stoneground, small batch, traditionally made chocolate that can be paired with the finest wines.

Noir - 80% Extra Dark Chocolate. Matching Suggestions: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mataro, Single Malt Whisky

Soleo - 42% Milk Chocolate. Matching Suggestions: Chardonnay, Semillon, Moscato, Rose,Botrytis, Tawny, Muscat. 

Bianco - 30% White Chocolate. Matching Suggestions: Semillon, Sparkling, Moscato, Rose, Botrytis

1 x Fazeek Soap (Lemongrass - Sphere)

100% pure vegan base made from coconut oil that provides a beautiful bubbly cleanse and olive oil to nourish the skin. Also the added bonus of being palm oil free, detergent free and no animal testing.