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Hi there, I'm Cathy, director at Just Surprise Me. 

Just Surprise Me is a celebration of all the good, simple things in life. Family, friends, business, food, craftsmanship, nature… when there's so much good to celebrate, we want to make celebrating simple. 

We are curators of quality, Australian gifts, and have a long history of working with some of the finest Australian brands. Specialising in corporate gifts, we believe deeply in personalised service and provide a curated range of tried and tested products that speak to the individuality of our clients. 

Our journey began around 16 years ago, after a conversation between two friends sparked a humble and creative business venture. After a fulfilling period as a shopfront and gift business, Just Surprise Me now operates solely as a gift hamper service. Based in Moorabbin, Victoria, Just Surprise Me is led by my passion for sourcing exceptional Australian goods. 

With our finger on the pulse of great Australian brands and products on the market, we hero local innovation. One of the great brands we work with is Rooftop Honey, whose vision is to encourage the success of bees in Melbourne by establishing hives on city rooftops. Not only are we proud to offer such sustainable, beautiful (and delicious) products as part of our service, but we are pleased to share the story of the brands we work with and, in doing so, support our local community. 

If you would like to find out more about the brands we work with, check back in with our blog as we feature some of these fantastic businesses in more detail. 

After sixteen years in the gift industry, we can confidently say at Just Surprise Me that we are experts at curating the perfect package. With corporate gifts for any occasion and company-branded solutions available, our clients are happy with our reliable service and choice of items that reflect their business.

We also offer our online customers a full range of gift hampers to make gifting on any occasion simple. We have selections for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, etc. Our 'Build Your Own' option also entices a genuinely custom experience… pick and choose from our range of curated gifts, and we'll do the rest!  

Thank you for getting to know us a little better, if you have any questions, we do love to chat! Please send an email and follow us on socials. 

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