Christmas gift hampers for business

After months of upheavals and changes to our way of life, Christmas preparation feels different this year. Employers/business owners will have to adapt to the upcoming festive season in all kinds of ways. But here at Just Surprise Me, we help businesses succeed in something essential to Christmas: saying thank you. A personalised Christmas gift is the best way to (safely) show you care.

Hopefully, things will be back to 'normal' as much as possible by Christmas. But likely it will be a new 'normal', with differences in how we operate in the workplace and how we socialise. And sure enough, this could mean a change to work social gatherings. The annual work Christmas party is infamous, no matter what industry you're in! But this year, we are all preparing for the possibility of no work party at all. As well as fewer opportunities to say thank you to staff and clients face to face.

Gift back to your employees.

After this tumultuous year, keeping up team morale is as important as ever (if not more so). Keeping in mind that Christmas can already be challenging for many, especially those struggling with mental health. As an employer, it is essential to take this opportunity to show your team they are understood.

With our reliable delivery and custom gift options, we can offer you a great way to share a personal moment with your staff despite the circumstances.


Curate Your Own Gift Hamper

Curate your own Christmas gift hampers with ultimate flexibility. Select and build a box with our unique range of products, including the highest quality food, drink, and homewares. Plus, pick your packaging and add a personal note.


Staff/employee Gift Hampers

We have a range of curated gift hampers guaranteed to be a hit among staff. Ranging from $33 - $135, we have collated selections for coffee lovers, classic wine and nibble selections, self-care selections, and more. You have the option of adding a personal note for a perfect surprise package.


Gift back to your clients:

Sending a Christmas/end of year gift to clients may be something new to your business or standard practise. This year, set your business apart from the rest with minimalist, sleek packaging and a focus on unique Australian goods.

Create a lasting impression with our 'Curate Your Own' option, which lends itself to the creation of a perfectly tailored gift for any client. Alternatively, if you need a little inspiration, we have curated a range of Corporate Christmas Gift Boxes starting at $33. We think these hampers are an excellent way to say, 'thank you for sticking by us this year'.

Not forgetting we have company branded solutions available. Please contact us here or email us for information on how we can help make your gift reflect your business even more.

Wishing you all a very safe and joyous festive season. We are grateful to be able to help you and your business celebrate.

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